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Jul 23, 2011 12:30am PDT
on an island outside of the norwegian capital oslo. earlier, a bomb exploded in the capital, killing at least seven. the two incidents are believed to be linked. a norwegian man has been arrested. police say he has ties to right- wing extremism. this is the worst violence in norway since the second world war. hello and welcome to bbc news. at least 80 people were killed on the island of utoeya when a gunman opened fire. many other people have been injured. police have also confirmed that a 32-year-old ethnic norwegian man has been arrested in connection with this incident and the earlier bombing in the capital. the man has links to right-wing extremists. he has been named by some media outlets in norway but the police have not confirmed his identity. an explosion tore through the headquarters of the norwegian government building in oslo killing at least seven people. two hours later, and then opened fire on the island of utoeya -- a man opened fire on the island of utoeya at a youth camp. the attacks are considered the worst violence since the second world war. i asked for confirmation of the
Jul 22, 2011 6:00pm PDT
. and the gunman opens fire on an island outside the city with at least 10 people killed there. in norwegian man has been arrested with local media saying he has links to right-wing extremism. the international community condemns the attacks. the worst violence since the second world war. hello, and welcome to bbc news. the broadcasting to our viewers on pbs in america. police in norway have confirmed dead and ethnic norwegian man has been arrested in connection with two attacks that left many dead and many more injured. the of reported that the man has links to right-wing extremism. an explosion tore through the headquarters of the norwegian government friday afternoon killing at least seven people. two hours later, a man who opened fire at a youth camp organized by the ruling labor party. at least 10 people were killed there. the attacks are the most severe since the second world war. our security correspondent has the latest on the developing story. >> an atrocity in oslo. a huge blast ripped the the center of the norwegian capital killing, maiming, destroying. it could have been even worse i
Jul 4, 2011 6:00pm PDT
our new treasure island. all of the people behind me, i want to spend the time thinking them and everyone involved. when you have a project that has lasted decades, where you are working with federal agencies, the navy, all the funding that we did not have, developers that we had to make sure were together time and again with us, residents and had the confidence that our city could not only treat them well but also plan for their future, with them, working with them. groups such as the homeless, those on the lower end of our housing affordability. all of that has come together over decades of hard work. right up until last week, that work continued at the highest level in order to make this happen. i need to spend a moment thinking the people who have been before me in this position and other federal positions. they have their history marked in many years of essential contributions to this plan, and to the workings of the island, to the vision that is being presented today. first off, senator feinstein. i want to thank her deeply for her contributions. [applause] leader pelos
Jul 17, 2011 10:00am EDT
>> we recently traveled to the mediterranean island country of cyprus. it's in the neighborhood of greece, turkey, syria and lebanon, israel and egypt. in its 12,000 year history and a rich culture, it is a fascinating place to visit. on this program, we will learn about the divided country. we spent our time only in the south and the divided capital city. "this is america" visits the republic of cyprus. >> "this is america" is made possible by the national education association, the nation's largest advocate for children and public education. the american federation of teachers, a union of professionals. the singapore tourism board, e.ere is singapore airlines, a great way to fly. poongsan corporation, forging a higher global standard. the rotondaro family trust. the ctc foundation. afo communications. and the american life tv network. >> to begin our education about cyprus, i talked with dr. hurbert faustmann. >> what is modern-day cyprus? holiday destination, a place for fantastic weather, a divided country plagued by political conflict that has not been able to be resolved i
Jul 23, 2011 1:00am PDT
man who says he witnessed the island rampage identified this man as the gunman, but police have not confirmed that. >> i think it's too early to comment on the motives and on what is the reasons behind the attacks, both in oslo and at the labor youth camp. we are very -- it's very important for us to be clear when it comes to the responsibility of the police and the political responsibility of the government. the police have just started the investigations. one man is arrested and i think we will wait until we can see more results before we comment on the motives, the ideology or the possible political motives for such attacks. >> that was the prime minister there just a short time ago. now on the phone with us from oslo is norway's foreign minister who was with the prime minister in the news conference. thank you for joining us, sir. i know right now you are not prepared to say anything more about the suspect, but can you say is there any information about whether he had accomplices? >> the police is sticking to one suspect. i think we have to respect that. if there is to be an
Jul 4, 2011 12:00pm PDT
in these photos of the part of the rescue. rescuers say there are several islands in teh area, they're hoping some of the missing victims have reached those island. it's not clear what the condition of the survivors are. according to the company website that runs the tours, all of its tours are cancelled as of today. our own joe vazqeuz is on his way to san diego right now, where that company is based. we'll have more for you on this story at five o'clock tonight. a deadly shooting by bart police, under investigation by two agencies this afternoon. kristy siefkin is at bart headquarters in oakland a bloody night in the richmond area. three people were killed and several others injured in four separate incidents. at about 10:30 p-m on ruby street .. a 20 year old was shot and killed. a second victim in the shooting was injured. then at about 11 p-m police responded to another homicide on center avenue. fifteen minutes later a 27-year-old man was fatally shot at macdonald avenue and first street. another man was hurt. "we havent seen a night like this where we've had several shootings and homicides
Jul 26, 2011 7:00am EDT
the actual day? >> the actual day. >> he expected police to get to him sooner on the island. >> at the time of the bombing. >> he did not expect to get to the island. >> well, it is difficult for me to answer, but he was surprised he reached the island. >> did you choose this case because you want to save democracy and he hates democracy? >> no. i do my work as a lawyer. >> when you say he is surprised he reached the island, can you explain that a little bit more? >> i cannot do that. i cannot do that. >> [inaudible] >> i cannot comment on that. >> [inaudible] >> i will not comment on which party or say anything more about that. i will not comment on that. yes. >> no idea? >> no. >> he writes a lot about his past, his parents, his brothers, his sisters, his friends. from what you know, is it basically accurate? >> i do not know. i have not had time to look into that and i have not researched, so i don't know. >> what is the role of the manifesto in a final court case? >> he would like to read some of it. if he is able to do that, i do not know. >> [inaudible] >> maybe. maybe. i do not know.
Jul 23, 2011 2:00am PDT
pictures from utoya island in norway. the aftermath of what police are saying is catastrophic dimensions. more than 90 people are dead, and the suspect, a man is in custody on suspicion of both attacks. also -- >> he didn't pull the trigger. >> face-to-face with the killer, a survivor's terrifying account. i am richard quest in london. this is cnn's world report. good morning to viewers in the united states, and around the world. police say a 32-year-old norwegian man arrested on friday may have been involved in the oslo bomb blast and the massacre on the island that left at least 91 people dead in total. local media are naming the man as anders behring breivik. police are not confirming his identity, but when asked about extremism in norway, the prime minister told the news conference police were aware of active groups. >> translator: compared to other countries, i will not say that we have a big problem with right-wing extremists in norway, but we have had some groups, and we have followed them before, and our police is aware that there are some right-wing extreme groups, or at least h
Jul 28, 2011 12:30am PDT
off a south korean island. the plane was downed by a coast guard patrol boat. the aircraft disappeared from radar in the early hours of the morning. the pilot and co-pilot were both killed. it is understood these seven -- the boeing 747 experian technical difficulties when it crashed. -- 747 experienced technical difficulties when they crashed. it was carrying 264 passengers -- and another plane carrying to under 64 passengers made an emergency landing in canada. no one was hurt when it landed. and this is the first of 10 shipments in response by the u.n. in response to the severe drought in africa. it is to feed malnourished children. will ross reports. >> the cargo, 10 tons of food for severely malnourished children in somalia. this therapeutic peanut paste is a lifesaver. it is a race against time. >> we will be bringing in 100 tons within the next few towns -- few days, and 80 tons will be going to mogadishu where it will be distributed to different feeding centers form on our children. >> the food program says the first airlift will feed three and a half thousand children for the
Jul 24, 2011 10:00am EDT
>> we recently traveled to the mediterranean island country of cyprus. it is in the neighborhood of greece, turkey, syria, lebanon, israel, and egypt. in its 12,000 year history and a rich culture, it is a fabulous and fascinating place to visit. we will travel from nicosia to the pine forest of the troodos mountains. will visit some of the historic monasteries and churches -- we will visit some of the historic monasteries and churches that have been designated as world historical sites by unesco. we will talk with some of the senior leadership of the republic of cyprus. >> "this is america" is made possible by the national education association, the nation's largest advocate for children and public education. the american federation of teachers, a union of professionals. the singapore tourism board -- there is something for everyone. singapore airlines -- a great way to fly. poongsan corporation, forging a higher global standard. the rotondaro family trust. the ctc foundation. afo communications. and the american life tv network. >> tourism in cyprus -- is it very important? but
Jul 29, 2011 7:00pm PDT
that a group of japanese lawmakers will not be permitted to visit a south korean island near disputed territory in the sea of japan. seoul says it can't guarantee their safety if they carry out their planned trip. four lawmakers from the major opposition liberal democratic party plan to visit lulu island. the island lies near the takeshima island which are claimed by both countries. they are known at tokuto in south korea. on friday, south korea's deputy foreign minister summoned japan's ambassador to south korea to convey the entry ban. kim says such a visit could have a negative impact on bilateral relations. the japanese ambassador asked south korea to reconsider its decision and allow the lawmakers entry. he called south korea's decision regrettable and added the visit is not intended to harm bilateral ties. earlier in the day, japan's foreign minister urged the two sides to deal with the matter calmly. >> translator: the relations between south korea and japan are very important. both sides should handle the matter in a calm manner. >>> next we go to our bureau in bangkok. patchari raksawo
Jul 17, 2011 6:00pm PDT
are getting ready to block his nomination. later, a new day for parris island marines, with a woman in command for the first time. the u.s. and japan face their moment of truth in the women's world cup finals. and twentysomethings, a jump start detroit. those stories, when the "cbs evening news" continues. >> mitchell: interstate highway 405 was closed for partial demolition of a bridge. billed as "car-mageddon," it failed to create the predicted gridlock. in fact, it was over hours ahead of schedule. experts have long looked at the industry of detroit. the city lost most of its population since 1950, leaving whole neighborhoods virtually abandoned. but now dean reynolds tells us there are early signs of a motor city renaissance. >> reporter: it is sadly familiar: detroit as the ramshackle wreck, a place of decline, decay and desolation. it's a tough image to shake, but come closer and listen. the motor in motown is humming. >> i think detroit is like where you want to go and create your own opportunity here. i think this is kind of unique, in that you can do it very affordably from the ground
Jul 31, 2011 1:00pm PDT
syml for the rich and famous. is it the remaining in new cathedral a rival? the tiny maltese islands with a population of four. more details are starting to emerge about the man responsible for the oslo bombing and deadly shooting spree in norway. and he says he acted alone, but he has been linked to right-wing organizations. we have been there to try and find out more about the man capable of such atrocities. this is a tranquil town about two hours north of oslo, with a tavern and an abandoned factory. here, just like the rest of norway, people are grieving and traged. andrea's -- andrews b. was a their neighbor. >> he would build bombs. what if something went wrong and it blew up over there? then we could have blown up. >> he lived as a recluse on this farmer he could build his bombs undisturbed using thousands of kilos of chemical fertilizer that he had stored. he portrayed himself as an organic farmer, but not everyone there was pulled. >> a lot of the neighbors mentioned that he was obviously not a farmer. some of them became somewhat suspicious. >> he even seemed to be sociable
Jul 3, 2011 1:00am PDT
with thousands of new units of housing on treasure island. i cannot say how proud we are of our city for coming together. we have been talking about for years how important it is to build new neighborhoods, develop new affordable housing, make sure we have transit-oriented, sustainable, green development that is worthy of the 21st centuries the san francisco. what we are doing today and this year will have impact on the city for decades to come. thank you all for being a part of this. i look forward to the ribbon cutting. [applause] >> any others? ok. chris mini, on the development team, you excited us. one of the greenest developments that you might see. the city continues to be excited because of the work you are doing, to be environmentally friendly, to have a residence that the city can be ground up route -- proud of. [applause] sf ++ my partners, we want to say thank-you to the city family. on this happy occasion, i just want to recall how we began so many years ago with the discussion in this building that at treasure island we could not only create a new neighborhood for san francisco th
Jul 26, 2011 5:00am EDT
and shooting on utoeya island. but there has been criticism to have time it took police to get to the island. it's emerged that police also overestimated the number of people who died on the island and revised the death toll from 86 to 68. eight people were also killed in the bomb attack and a number of people are still missing from the island. >> the most important thing is we are completely focused on supporting the families of those and all those affected. we have things in mace all over the country and have people in our government affected. we have missing people at utoeya. and we have many people deeply affected. we have to look after them. i'm completely open to discuss how the response to these attacks have been handled. but i would like to emphasize that the police have done a magnificent job, and i do not think it's appropriate to criticize the police. we have learned lots of lessons, and many experiences here that we are going to go through. and we will work very hard to -- extremist groups. and we have in the past been very successful at dealing and monitoring these groups, and i
Jul 22, 2011 3:49pm EDT
this shooting at a youth camp on this nearby island. i want to go to astrid rand, an nrk reporter from oslo, from norway on the line from me. and astrid, just bring me up to speed. i know we are learning here, nine to ten people killed in that attack at this youth camp. is that the number that you have? >> i've been speaking to the youth who came off this island. there are report is there's more casualties. the situation is very chaotic and the police haven't yet confirmed any numbers. but the eyewitnesses i've been speaking to tell me it's more, 20, 30 people have been killed they are telling me. but it's not confirmed by the police. >> my god. according to police, from our information, this individual was disguised -- or i shouldn't say disguised. he was wearing a police uniform. and he's the one who open fired. this individual is now in custody and is being questioned. can you describe this individual to me? >> what i've been hearing, i'm at a small village close to the island where all the youth now are gathered. i've been hearing what they have been telling me and they have been tellin
Jul 4, 2011 6:00pm PDT
prince edward island. the royal couple arrived to the delight of thousands. >> on an island named after queen victoria's father, this is a place that is key among all things roiled. unfortunately, for prince edward island, not many roils get here. -- royals. today, the island hit the jackpot. they got out of the carriage for a walk about. by now, the island was feeling the effects of being on the atlantic coast. a good moment to demonstrate his flying skills. the canadians have a special technique for search and rescue. they land the helicopter on the water. the approach was steady, and in splashdown. sighs of relief all around. one wonders what the duke of cambridge might be trying next. the boat race, perhaps. a dragon boat race. william puddling in one boat, kate in another. it was declared a photo finish. for a newcomer, is proving to be quite a trip. what is apparent is how both of them appear to be enjoying it. >> hugo chavez of venezuela has cheering supporters from the balcony of the presidential palace following his return from cuba. >> a french writer alleges that she was atta
Jul 18, 2011 7:00pm PDT
to discuss discuss a dispute over islands in the south china see. nhk obtained a draft statement by the charp of the forum saying that recent events in the region require urgent measures. the statement also says that asean members should implement a declaration of conduct for the south china sea agreed upon in 2002. many members are pushing to lay groundwork for drafting the rules before the asean suck mmmn november. >>> internal documents of the philippine military shows that some asian nations are building structures on the disputed spratley islands in the south china sea. nhk has obtained documents that include aerial photos of the islands taken in 2009 and 2010. the photos show that china has built several concrete structures on fiery cross reef. the country apparently added a one-story building and installed a satellite dish on the reef last year. the spratley islands, which are controlled by vietnam, have a runway, a building and a lighthouse. china, taiwan, vietnam, malaysia, brunei, and the philippines claim sovereignty over all or some of the more than 200 islands and reefs. areas ne
Jul 19, 2011 7:00pm PDT
's meeting on the indonesian island of bali tuesday. it urges asean and china to draw up guidelines for the code of conduct for the south china sea through high level negotiations. asean is to present a draft of the code of conduct at a senior working level meeting with china on against. >> there are certainly tensions and tension, but we can galvanize or turn all of this positive energy towards problem-solving outlook. >> but the asean foreign ministers remained apart on details of the guidelines, including whether the regions to be covered by them should be clarified. some asean member states are expressing concern about negotiating with china without full agreement in the group. >>> china has warned that it might try to stop a plane carrying philippine lawmakers from approaching the disputed spratly islands in the south china sea. a group of philippine lower house members will visit the philippine occupied pagasa island in the disputed area by jet on wednesday. they also plan to inspect other islands including the chinese controlled mischief reef. china's ambassador to the philip
Jul 26, 2011 7:00pm PDT
are for actually harnessing this power. >> reporter: the akashi strait runs between japan's main island and awaji island. the strait has some of the fastest currents in japan. a test is under way to harness this tidal stream power. so far, this type of trial has only been conducted in a few countries, such as england and south korea. the leader of this project is kiyomi, a local venture capitalist. suzuki first noticed how powerful these tides were when he was the captain of a cargo ship. four years ago, he started his own company to convert tidal power into electricity. turbines with propellers are placed in the water. when the tide goes in or out, the propellers turn. the rotational force is sent to a generator above the water which converts the energy into electricity. water is much denser than the air that pushes wind turbines so tidal power is more efficient with less wasted energy. >> there are so many places like this around us. tidal power could be a huge asset to japan. we should use it effectively. >> reporter: suzuki's company spent three years inventing a uniquely shaped turbine. they
Jul 22, 2011 10:00pm PDT
remember the television show "gilligan's island". he started watching that. and apparently began to emulate the excentric east coast millionaire thur ton howell iii, mimicking his speech and his accent and his way of life in a way. >> reporter: police say that started a decades-long odyssey of moving and new identities. in wisconsin he was film student chris gerhart, dreaming of fame and rooting for ronald reagan. in california he said he was christopher chichester a member of the british royal family, hob knock with hollywood insiders. in connecticut he became chris crowe, former film producer. and he actually landed a job as a bond trader. investigators say he was smart, quick-thinking, and all of his credentials, connections and histories were elaborate frauds. still, authorities say, he rubbed elbows with the rich and powerful, joined their churches and clubs, and ten lived off of the generosity of people who thought he was the one with all the money and contacts. when they grew suspicious, he simply slipped away. then, in new york in the early 90s he took on his biggest role, clack roc
Jul 18, 2011 5:00pm PDT
that include aerial photos of the islands taken in 2009 and 2010. the photos show china has built several structures on reeves. added a one story building and a satellite dish on the reef last year. the spratly islands have a runway, a building, and a lighthouse. china, vietnam and the philippines claim sovereignty over some or all of the islands and reeves. the claimants have occupied around 40 of the islands and reeves and stationed troops there. by building more facilities on the islands. >>> with the territorial dispute over islands in the south china sea on the academy, the association of southeast asian nations are to meet in indonesia on tuesday. a head of a series of talks and asean and its partners described his expectations. >> translator: i hope significant progress will be made at the meeting to open in bali. >> asean foreign ministers are to talk with their partners. a forum will be held with the united states participating. >>> china says it will take measures to curb price of rare earth metals. chinese minister chin. kaida said metals which are vital to the protection of go
Jul 4, 2011 4:00pm PDT
will be watching. alabama, in the gallagher. -- candy gallagher. -- andy. >> going to prince edward island, the smallest province of the country. a friendly competition between the newlywed couple. our royal correspondent has been there, and he sent us this report. >> unsurprisingly, on an island named after queen victoria's father, this is a place which is keen on all things royal. yet, unfortunately for prince edward island, not many royals ever get here, but today, the island hit the jackpot when the most sought after royals in the world just did not come to town, the roads through in a horse- drawn carriage. and what is this? well, it is kate and a baby. and then, moments later, william and a baby, and then william and kate and a baby. you can just as the source of speculation these pictures will give rise to. by now, the island was feeling the effects of being on the coast. it was raining and blustery. this was a good opportunity for him to demonstrate his flying skills. the techniques for search and rescue. the land the helicopter on the water. so come across your figures -- figures,
Jul 22, 2011 4:00pm PDT
attack two hours later on a nearby island. in nordic looking man began shooting at the political views camp for the ruling party. some tried to escape by swimming away. he reportedly shot at them as they fled. now he has been arrested. police have the biggest living clue. >> i have a message for all of norway. you will not destroy us. you will not destroy our democracy. >> norway mobilize every available facility. with the we've canceled, experts were recalled from holiday. -- with leave canceled, experts were recalled from holiday. condolences were also offered. >> i want to personally extend my condolences to the people of norway, and it is a reminder that the entire international committee has a stake in this kind of terror occurring -- in preventing this kind of terror from occurring. >> forensics, cctv, i would his accounts and analysis -- eyewitness accounts and analysis will all be fed in. >> and for the latest from norway, we can speak by phone to a journalist in oslo. the gun man arrested on the island was norwegian. what do you make of this news? >> yes, we have confirmed tha
Jul 26, 2011 4:00pm PDT
messages between a teenaged girl who was hiding behind a rock on the island and her mother has been released by the family. "the police are here," she says, but her mother warns, "the person said to be shooting may be in police uniform. be careful." "can you talk now? " "no, he is still shooting," says the girl. she did survive the massacre. this is just part of the norway response to all of that, just part, a spreading of flowers outside the oslo cathedral. they are looking to approve the killer wrong in every way, wrong for what he did, of course, but wrong if he really believes that the massacre would destroy in norway or start some sort of resolution -- revolution. ? brivik says he has associates -- breivik said that. >> we have no evidence of that in norway or in britain. >> but for now, the focus in norway is on the dead and those missing. the police will release more names as the terrible process of identifying all have been lost goes on. james robbins, bbc news, oslo. >> and as norway continues to mourn, the country's justice minister has praised the security services for th
Jul 22, 2011 5:30pm PDT
gunman opened fire at a summer camp for teens on an island 25 miles outside oslo, killing many more. the attacks have touched off wide ranging speculation about the motive and who may be responsible. nbc's martin fletcher is monitoring developments for us from our london bureau tonight. martin, what's the latest? >> lester, norway's prime minister called for calm and unity in this difficult time. norway, of course, known as a small, peaceful country. that was shattered today in the hardest way. it is the worst attack on norway since world war ii. 3:30 in the heart of the capital, a massive bomb blast outside the prime minister's office. at least seven dead, 100 wounded. debris over half a mile away. across the street, the oil ministry was in flames. >> buildings were on fire. it was complete chaos in the streets. we saw injured people being carried out of the building. >> the people were basically shocked. people were confused. people were asking what happened, how could this happen? and they weren't really aware of what to do or where to go. >> reporter: police suspect a car bomb a
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 2,554 (some duplicates have been removed)